In today's digital world, a business cannot survive without having a digital presence in some form or another.


Having a website provides a digital "home" for your business where potential clients or customers can find you and all the information they need to make a decision about your business.


Some small businesses only require a Social Media Page to provide their digital "address" and access to "visitors" while most businesses need their own website to communicate all the various aspects of their products or services. 


I am passionate about helping small businesses grow and achieve their full potential. Based in Cape Town, I offer affordable website design, social media management, content creation and digital marketing. 

Social Media Management

Web Design

I design responsive websites using a sitebuilder, usually through, but I can work with any Content Management System (CMS) or wordpress site that you may already be using.


I do not offer hosting. This is why I choose to work with as they have a brilliant hosting service package. I also offer training on how to add or change content on your website through the CMS after your website is complete.


Whether you have a webpage (like this one) or a website (multiple pages), it is not the end of your digital presence. You have to get people to visit it. This is done through Social Media and / or Digital Marketing.

Social Media Management for small business in Cape Town
Affordable Web Design for small business in Cape Town

Digital Marketing

Social Media Management for business has become a whole profession on its own. The purpose of using social media for business is to reach your target audience and interact with your stakeholders to achieve your business objectives. 


It's not enough to have a social media page and then do nothing on it. To make social media work for your business you have to consistently put out content (and plan it in advance) in an effort to drive traffic to your website, shop/office or online store.


Social Media requires you to interact with all your stakeholders in a meaningful way. You have to offer your audience value.

The incredible advantage of digital marketing and advertising is the ability to target your audience precisely and on any budget.


I offer Search Engine Marketing (SEM) also known as Google Ads or Pay Per Click Ads (PPC Ads). PPC ads are also available on social media platforms. 


You don't have to spend thousands on advertising every month to see positive results. 


You choose your budget, duration, audience details, location & message and I will put it together and manage it for you.

I also offer training in creating and setting up PPC Ads.

Digital Marketing for small business in Cape Town

Let's talk about your digital presence.

About Me

With a background in corporate communication, I understand the importance of how an organisation communicates with its various stakeholders. Communication is more than clever advertising. It's about building relationships with customers, employees and others. 

I am a logical thinker and left-brained personality but when I am working on a creative project I almost completely think in images. I always strive to deliver the best and will go out of my way to fulfill my clients' needs.

Please call or email me to discuss how I can help you.


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